July 19 2021

What exactly is asbestos?

Many people have heard stories about distinguishing asbestos and the dangers it presents. But so few people understand what exactly asbestos is. To help you understand what asbestos is, and why you need to know if your property has asbestos, we’re going to look at this material, its properties, and its potential risks.  What is

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June 7 2021

How to know if your home has asbestos?

Asbestos is a concern for home/property owners of all types of building; from older residential homes to factories, storage buildings, and commercial spaces, knowing what to do if you suspect you have asbestos is key to your safety. First, and foremost, we recommend that you always consult a professional asbestos removal expert such as ourselves.

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May 19 2021

Asbestos Removal, Buxton – MAS Ltd Case Study

We received an enquiry from a domestic client for asbestos removal who had recently purchased a property in Buxton, Derbyshire and the property had textured coatings attached to the ceiling in all rooms throughout the property (c. 120m2).  The Brief Textured coatings were widely used in the UK throughout the 70s and 80s with asbestos

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February 26 2021

Gillotts Funeral Care Asbestos Removal, Eastwood – MAS Ltd Case Study

Midlands Asbestos Solutions Ltd (MAS) initially started a working relationship with Gillotts back in April 2020 when the pandemic initially struck. Like many businesses, especially ones with on-site visits, we were not working at the time due to the initial lockdown and we were very aware of the lack of PPE available for certain key

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February 25 2021

MAS Ltd Case Study – J Tomlinson, Bilborough

Midlands Asbestos Solutions Ltd (MAS) were contacted by J Tomlinson to assist in the removal of a non-asbestos roof, asbestos sarking felt and contaminated loft insulation to a domestic loft in Bilborough.  J Tomlinson is a company with strong foundations, a highly regarded reputation and a wealth of experience in construction and building solutions. We

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February 24 2021

MAS Ltd Case Study – Asbestos Removal Knightsbridge Court, Chesterfield

Midlands Asbestos Solutions Ltd (MAS) were commissioned by a local property development company to assist in the removal of various licensed and non-licensed asbestos materials in the unique former court building that sits proudly in the centre of Chesterfield. MAS was proud to be part of the asbestos removal project taking place. Despite being a little

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February 23 2021

MAS Ltd Case Study – Elan Removals and Storage, Donisthorpe

Midlands Asbestos Solutions Ltd (MAS) were contacted by Elan Removals in November 2020 to look at a disused building at a storage facility that was going to be demolished to create space for more storage units. We were recommended by our friends at Castle Donnington based asbestos consultancy firm Fourstage Environmental. As industry leaders and

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February 18 2021

What are the Properties of Asbestos

Asbestos is a material that has been used in the construction and automotive industry for decades. The name asbestos comes from the ancient Greek word meaning “inextinguishable, unquenchable or inconsumable’ and these traits have been revered going back as far as 400BC. These traits are what made the substance so popular in construction as it

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December 8 2020

Asbestos regulations for your commercial property

Asbestos is responsible for around 2,500 deaths a year in the UK alone. Older buildings and buildings in poor states of repair are the most at risk to this invisible danger. If you own, lease, or even manage a commercial property it’s important to understand the requirements of asbestos regulation and who is responsible for

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October 30 2020

Complete Asbestos Risk Assessment

Midlands Asbestos Solutions (MAS) are leaders in asbestos surveying, removal, encapsulation, waste removal, asbestos risk assessment, and testing among many other services. Working with asbestos requires strict adherence to safety and procedure. At MAS we are committed to identifying risks, deciding on a plan of action, implementing our action plan, and reviewing all work completed. 

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