April 3 2020

MAS Donates Hundreds of Units of PPE to Critical COVID-19 Areas

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) allows hospitals, pharmacies, care homes and hospices to work safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. PPE ensures the protection of people working in the thick of the crisis covering vulnerable areas of the body and allowing them to work in dangerous conditions.  The NHS has stressed the importance of PPE with Emily

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November 7 2019

ARCA announce additional unannounced site visit

ARCA (Asbestos Removal Contractors Association) yesterday made their announcement that they are increasing the number of unannounced site visits for their members from 2 to 3 starting in January 2020. Midlands Asbestos Solutions have full ARCA accreditation We at Midlands Asbestos Solutions, as a full member of the association, back the recent change as it

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November 6 2019

Are asbestos garages safe?

Some of the most common questions we get asked at Midlands Asbestos Solutions are to do with garages. These include Is my asbestos garage safe? Can I leave my asbestos garage standing? I’m looking at buying a new house but it has an asbestos garage, what do I do? The answer to all of these

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May 10 2019

HSE 3 Year License Issued

Here at Midlands Asbestos Solutions we strive to be amongst the elite players within our industry and we are constantly working hard to improve our systems, quality, service delivery and most importantly, our commitment to health and safety. As a fully licensed asbestos removal contractor we are fully licensed by the Health and Safety Executive

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April 25 2019

What Are The Different Types Of Asbestos?

Our history with asbestos is a complicated one. Hugely popular in the 20th century, asbestos is a silicate mineral used for building and insulation with natural resistance to fire, heat and electricity as well as good sound absorption and a relatively low cost. However, from the 1980s asbestos inhalation was linked to several serious ailments

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May 18 2018

We’ve got our Gold Constructionline Membership

Here at Midlands Asbestos Solutions, we are committed to our development of health and safety. We like to see ourselves as an asbestos removal contractor who continuously strives to achieve the next level of success. In regards to both our asbestos removal, surveying or training work. And, obviously our health and safety. Following on from

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October 17 2017

MAS are now proudly ISO 9001 accredited!

We have great news! This month Midlands Asbestos Solutions have successfully been awarded its ISO 9001 accreditation. Meaning we’re in a minority of businesses in the UK with the accreditation and one of only a few who’ve gained such achievement in the asbestos removal sector. As passionate specialists in asbestos removal, sampling and surveying, we’re

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September 19 2013

Asbestos cement guttering and downpipe replacement

The Midlands Asbestos team last week carried out the removal of some tired and old asbestos cement guttering and underwent downpipe replacement. We replaces the downpipes with some new UPVC pipes on a commercial property in Nottinghamshire. The removal and reinstatement was carried out over a 2 day period and our client was pleased with

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August 2 2013

MAS office is closing to the sound of wedding bells

Midlands Asbestos Solutions Ltd will be closing its doors this time next week on Friday 9th August to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of Darren and Zoe. We will be open as usual on Monday 12th August. We wish our heartfelt congratulations to a very special couple. We will respond to all enquiries on our return.

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April 25 2013

MAS granted 3 year license

After lots of hard work and investment, Midlands Asbestos Solutions Ltd has had their asbestos removal license renewed by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) for a further 3 years. This is only available to companies who are able to demonstrate excellence in all aspects of health and safety and is recognition of the company’s

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