August 12 2020

A Guide to Asbestos Pipe Lagging Removal

Midlands Asbestos Solutions Ltd (MAS) have been at the forefront of asbestos removal and management for over 30 years. In that time, we have worked on all sorts of projects from removing asbestos floor tiles and insulation to asbestos pipe lagging removal. But what is asbestos pipe lagging removal? We’re here to tell you everything

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July 17 2020

How to Identify Asbestos Floor Tiles UK

Asbestos flooring have been used in construction and insulation throughout the 20th century. This bountiful material has a fibrous makeup which is resistant to fire, heat and electricity. It was also popular for sound absorption and was much cheaper than other building materials. However, inhaling asbestos can cause a wide range of deadly conditions and

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July 10 2020

How long can Asbestos stay in the air?

Asbestos has a dangerous reputation and for good reason, when disturbed, asbestos fibres break loose and are released into the air. These fibres are tiny and invisible to the naked eye, roughly 10x smaller than the width of a human hair. Breakaway asbestos fibres can then be inhaled and cause damage to your respiratory system. 

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May 12 2020

Do House Surveys Protect You from Asbestos?

House surveys are part of every house sale. Whether you’re buying a new build or a quaint country cottage, inspecting your property before you complete the deal is a must. House surveys vary in cost and detail with budget options covering the bare minimum while in-depth surveys look into the lifespan of walls, roofs and

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May 5 2020

Everything You Need to Know about Testing for Asbestos

Managing asbestos and removing it is a specialised job that requires professional methods and safety practices. Asbestos has been used in the building industry for decades and was renowned for its fire resistance and low cost. However, asbestos has since been discovered to cause a range of ailments and diseases and is responsible for around

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April 28 2020

Mesothelioma and COVID-19: The Risks and Similarities

Asbestos has been responsible for thousands of cases of pleural mesothelioma. Used in the construction industry for decades, this substance can be found in everything from insulation to roofing to fire-resistant materials. As a result, seeking it out and removing it has become a key industry in updating homes and businesses and ensuring they are

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April 3 2020

MAS Donates Hundreds of Units of PPE to Critical COVID-19 Areas

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) allows hospitals, pharmacies, care homes and hospices to work safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. PPE ensures the protection of people working in the thick of the crisis covering vulnerable areas of the body and allowing them to work in dangerous conditions.  The NHS has stressed the importance of PPE with Emily

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March 18 2020

Cropwell Bishop Creamery Case Study – Asbestos Removal

Midlands Asbestos Solutions Ltd recently embarked on an exciting project with Cropwell Bishop Creamery. This storied company produce the finest Stilton & blue cheeses in traditional ways with recipes past down from 3 generations. Their project is to create a new café area for members of the public and customers to enjoy a lunch of

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March 12 2020

What Products Contain Asbestos?

Asbestos-containing products are mainly used for construction and insulation. Popular throughout the 20th century, asbestos was used for building and insulation with natural resistance to fire, heat and electricity. It was also popular for sound absorption and available at a relatively low cost. However, from the 1980s asbestos inhalation was linked to several serious ailments

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