Asbestos Surveying

Asbestos Surveying

At Midlands Asbestos Solutions we often find that clients come across Asbestos prior to or during refurbishment works.

A reason for this could be that an adequate asbestos survey was not completed prior to the works commencing.

If your building requires an asbestos survey, then we offer a complete surveying service. We will send out an experienced asbestos surveyor to your property to assess the condition and volume of any asbestos present within your building.

We offer a Management survey service where we’ll carry out a survey to all areas within your property causing minimal damage to all surfaces. We will take any required samples of suspect asbestos materials and have them analysed at a UKAS accredited laboratory.

If you’re about to start construction works at your site Midlands Asbestos Solutions can also offer a Refurbishment & Demolition survey service. This gives you a fully intrusive view of any specific areas where you are performing construction works. This could be as smaller area as you wish, or it could be throughout an entire property.

Whether you are simply curious as to the volume and type of asbestos that may be present within your property, or you’re carrying out intrusive building works, Midlands Asbestos Solutions has years of experience to ensure the survey meets your needs.

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