Commercial Asbestos Removal Services

All companies within commercial premises have a duty to manage the risks from asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) and need to adhere to ‘The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012’.

Midlands Asbestos Solutions Ltd are fully licensed by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), have the resources and experience to manage all commercial asbestos removal projects using the latest technology and equipment and vast experience of a great variety of sites which include Hospitals, Schools, Theatres, Manufacturing Plants and Sports Complexes.

If you are concerned that your commercial property contains asbestos then Midlands Asbestos Solutions can assist you with our specialised commercial asbestos removal services.

We carry out asbestos surveys and then coordinate the management of your asbestos materials from environmental cleaning or encapsulation to complete removal and disposal. We work in conjunction with our Clients to ensure the smooth running of any business and can carry all works ‘out of hours’ when required.

Asbestos in commercial buildings are often found in the boiler rooms which may contain some types of asbestos. These can include pipe lagging, boiler lagging, gaskets, asbestos-containing insulating board and other types of products which may contain asbestos.

We carry asbestos commercial removal services for local County Councils & City Councils, private clients & main contractors and have worked hard to maintain successful relationships. As we enter our fourth year as a business, this is evident from the amount of repeat clients and referrals we receive.

Based in the East Midlands, Midlands Asbestos Solutions are centrally located to provide commercial Asbestos Services nationally.

Midlands Asbestos Solutions are always happy to provide advice, so if you find asbestos within your premises, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our friendly team.

Call us about our commercial asbestos removal services on 0115 932 6521 or contact us online.

Midland Asbestos Solutions is a trusted provider of commercial asbestos removal in schools in the UK. With stringent regulations in place, dealing with asbestos in schools demands specialised expertise, and Midland Asbestos Solutions excels in this field.

The issue of asbestos in schools in the UK remains prevalent, as many educational facilities were constructed or renovated during a period when asbestos was commonly used in construction. This poses a significant health risk to students and staff. We ensure that schools can address these concerns effectively.

Our team of experts conduct comprehensive asbestos assessments and removal operations to guarantee a safe and compliant resolution. We prioritise the well-being of all individuals on the premises, and aim to create a healthier and safer learning environment.

By partnering with professionals like Midland Asbestos Solutions, schools can proactively manage and eliminate asbestos risks, adhering to the highest safety standards and regulatory requirements. This not only protects the health of students and staff but also prevents potential legal issues. Ultimately, Midland Asbestos Solutions plays a vital role in ensuring that schools are free from the risks associated with asbestos exposure.

Midland Asbestos Solutions offers essential commercial asbestos removal services in the construction industry, addressing the persistent challenge of asbestos in construction sites. The presence of asbestos in construction materials poses a significant health and safety risk to workers, making expert removal services crucial.

Midland Asbestos Solutions specialises in comprehensive asbestos assessments and abatement in construction projects, ensuring that workers are shielded from asbestos-related health hazards. Their team is well-versed in conducting asbestos surveys, including pre-demolition and refurbishment asbestos surveys, essential for compliance with safety regulations.

Construction companies partnering with Midland Asbestos Solutions benefit from their expertise in the safe and compliant removal of asbestos in construction. This not only safeguards the health of workers but also minimises legal and regulatory risks associated with asbestos handling.

The meticulous attention to detail and adherence to the highest safety standards ensure that construction projects can proceed without the looming threat of asbestos exposure, fostering a safer and more responsible construction environment. Collaborating with Midland Asbestos Solutions is an investment in both worker safety and the successful execution of construction projects.

Midland Asbestos Solutions is a distinguished provider of commercial asbestos removal services tailored for healthcare institutions, with a specific focus on addressing the pressing issue of asbestos in hospitals. The presence of asbestos in hospital facilities can present a severe risk to the health and well-being of patients, staff, and visitors.

Midland Asbestos Solutions brings a wealth of expertise to bear in this sensitive environment. They conduct meticulous asbestos surveys, identifying and managing asbestos-containing materials with precision. Their services ensure that the removal of asbestos in hospitals is executed safely and in compliance with stringent regulatory requirements, guaranteeing the protection of all individuals within the hospital premises.

Partnering with Midland Asbestos Solutions is a strategic investment for hospitals, helping them maintain the highest standards of safety and health. It mitigates health risks and safeguards against legal and regulatory concerns associated with asbestos exposure. In the healthcare sector, where patient well-being is paramount, Midland Asbestos Solutions plays a vital role in creating a safe and secure environment, promoting the welfare of all hospital stakeholders.

Midland Asbestos Solutions stands as a premier provider of commercial asbestos removal services, specializing in refurbishment and demolition projects. These initiatives often unearth the risk of asbestos-containing materials, necessitating precise asbestos refurbishment and demolition surveys.

Midland Asbestos Solutions conducts thorough assessments to identify, manage, and safely remove asbestos. Their experienced team ensures compliance with stringent regulations, minimizing health hazards for workers and environmental contamination.

The comprehensive asbestos refurbishment and demolition survey services offered by Midland Asbestos Solutions empower construction and renovation projects to proceed without the looming threat of asbestos exposure. Such proactive management mitigates legal and regulatory risks, fostering responsible and secure construction practices.

By partnering with Midland Asbestos Solutions, construction companies and developers invest in the safety of their workers and the successful execution of refurbishment and demolition projects, ensuring that these endeavors proceed efficiently and responsibly while adhering to the highest safety and compliance standards.

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