January 21 2011

As Midlands Asbestos Solutions are a Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor, we regularly receive updates on asbestos regulations issued by the HSE.

Most recent is regarding the Hygiene Facility. Please see below the changes that are expected to be made:

  • No stored items
  • Must be dry
  • Seals between the wall panels, walls, floor joints and ceiling joints must be clean and effective
  • Doors and surroundings must be clean
  • NPU Casing and transit cover must be clean – also beneath
  • Must have clean sinks, showers and associated drains

Analysts will not issue a Certificate of Reoccupation for Hygiene Facilities unless they are “fit for purpose” This Includes:

  • Flooring that has been worn to the point where it is not possible to thoroughly clean
  • Seals that are worn and harbour ingrained filth
  • Cracked surfaces, including sinks

The HSE are looking at issuing prohibition notices and improvement notices to any Hygiene Facilities that do not comply with this!!

Midlands Asbestos Operatives and Supervsors are always aware of the latest regulations and so our standards of work is always improving.

If you would like more information on any issues above regarding Asbestos Removal please contact us 0115 932 6521, we are also on Twitter @asbestos people