December 11 2015

We’d like to take the opportunity to highlight the great work that our Customer Service Manager Jay Blake has been doing for charity.


Jay is a founding member and trustee of the Every Last Drop group, who concentrate their efforts on the “Sir Dembo’s” school in The Gambia. He has visited the school every year since they started the group, and will be flying back out there on the 26th January 2016.

Who are Every Last Drop?

Every Last Drop is a charitable organisation founded and run by a group of young adults in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. It was formed in 2010 by a group of students, including our Jay, who wanted to do one thing. They wanted to help improve the lives of people in an extremely poor country.

Every Last Drop

Choosing to focus on education, they set their sights on the “Sir Dembo’s” school in The Gambia. The school was in a very poor condition and was extremely unsafe due to the rainy season that The Gambia has. This season wipes out houses, buildings and destroys structures.

They raised funds to repair the school, making it safe for the children. With additional funds they were able to fund the ground rent, teachers’ wages, uniforms, and much more.

The name Every Last Drop was chosen because they wanted to make sure that every penny of the money raised would go to the cause. Rather than passing it on to other charities where donations would also go towards admin fees, marketing budgets etc, Every Last Drop distributes the funds wherever they see the need for it.

What else have they done?

In addition to re-building the school, paying teachers’ wages, and providing general financial support to the school and its students, Every Last Drop have been very busy over the past five years.

They now have two sites at the school, a Primary School and a Nursery, allowing more children to attend. Every Last Drop provide funds to ensure that every student has a uniform and fresh drinking water, and visit the school every year to see the great work their fundraising has provided.


When visiting the school, the members of the group organise events and fun days for the children, and provide them with clothes, stationery, and sports equipment.

How can I help?

Families in The Gambia are very poor, so often have to make the choice between feeding their family and sending a child to school. School understandably comes second.

For just £40 a child can attend the school for a whole year. This includes their uniform and fresh drinking water.

Any donation, small or large, will be a huge help to those less fortunate. If you’re interested in helping, and want some more information, get in touch with Jay at Midlands Asbestos Solutions today – you can email Jay directly at

If you would like to make an extremely welcome donation, you can do so by clicking on the donate button below.