Licensed Asbestos Removal Course & Training

Licensed Asbestos Removal Course and Training for asbestos work that does require a licence from HSE…

We can provide licensed training for the following courses:

All of the above asbestos removal course are in accordance with Regulation 10 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and Chapter 4 of HSG 247 Asbestos: The licensed training contractors’ guide. The following topics will be covered by means of both written and oral presentation.

Asbestos Removal Course: Modules 1 – 19 (Theory)

  1. Types, use and risks of ACM’s
  2. Health hazards of Asbestos
  3. Legislation
  4. Site set up, maintenance and dismantling
  5. Controlled stripping techniques
  6. RPE
  7. PPE
  8. Transit procedures
  9. Cleaning and clearance air testing
  10. Plant and equipment
  11. Waste management and disposal
  12. Emergency procedures
  13. Non asbestos hazards
  14. Fault finding
  15. Roles and responsibilities
  16. Site inspections and record keeping
  17. Management systems and monitoring
  18. Risk assessments and Plans of work
  19. Information, instruction and training

Modules 24 – 27 (Practical Session)

24. Decontamination and transit procedures
25. Use and maintenance of RPE
26. Construction of enclosures and airlocks
27. Use of controlled stripping techniques

There is an examination at the end of the course where the delegate must gain an 80% pass mark, along with a practical assessment of decontamination procedures. This will involve the delegate going through the showering process within a decontamination unit.

Failure to gain the 80% pass mark will result in a training analysis to be carried out on the delegate and may require further training.

On completion of the course, each delegate who passes the examination and practical sessions will receive a certificate of completion with a personal photograph attached, a copy of the presentation/training booklet and additional supporting material. This certificate will expire after 1 year from the certificate date, after which the delegate is required to complete and pass a refresher course.

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