Do Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s) need to be removed?

If you have had an asbestos survey on your property that has identified asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) you are likely to be curious as to the next course of action.

If the asbestos in your property is in good condition and remains undisturbed the usual requirement is to manage it instead of removing it, unless refurbishment or demolition works of the building are planned.

HSE advise an annual re-inspection of the ACM’s as a guide but this could be required to be more or less frequently depending on the use of the building, the condition of the material and the type of material that is being dealt with.

Reasons why ACM’s may be required to be removed are:

  • Prior to the demolition of a building
  • Prior to the erection of a new building (if asbestos contaminated soil is present and likely to be disturbed)
  • Prior to the refurbishment of an existing building (if there is a possibility the ACM’s could be disturbed)
  • When the ACM’s are damaged or may become damaged

How Midlands Asbestos Solutions can help YOU?

As a HSE Licensed asbestos contractor MAS Ltd don’t just carry out removal works. We have vast experience of how to safely repair and encapsulate damaged or unsealed asbestos containing materials.

As a holder of a waste carrier’s license we can safely transport and dispose of asbestos waste.

All of our certificates and accreditations are available to view on our web page.

What if the asbestos needs to be removed?

If it is necessary to remove the asbestos from your property then the removal required is dependent on the material that it’s contained in, not the type of asbestos that’s contained within it. Materials that are notifiable to the Health and Safety Executive include:

  • Board
  • Insulation
  • Spray coating

Notifiable materials can only be removed by a licenced asbestos removal contractor; however the removal of all asbestos materials requires specific asbestos training, specialised equipment, risk assessments, method statements and insurance to ensure the job is completed properly.

MAS Ltd will supply an electronic copy of a waste consignment note to a customer following the completion of a project to show that the waste has been disposed of safely and at a licensed landfill.