Asbestos Removal Cost

The common perception of the Asbestos Removal Cost is that it’s very expensive but this isn’t always the case.

There are various different Types of Asbestos and combined with other issues such as access etc the removal cost is priced on a job by job basis. We recommend that every site has an Asbestos Survey undertaken prior to any works being priced by ourselves and this is a service that we offer should you require it, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Domestic Asbestos Removal

Removal of asbestos in a domestic property CAN be, but is not always, cheaper than removal from big commercial premises. Examples of Asbestos found in a domestic house can be an Asbestos garage, Asbestos floor tiles or an asbestos flue pipe. With these items, prices are usually in the hundreds, for example the removal of an asbestos garage can be as cheap as £450 + VAT which a lot of people we speak to seem to be surprised as they assumed it would cost well over £1,000!

Commercial Asbestos Removal

The removal of asbestos in commercial properties can be, but is not always, more expensive than domestic properties purely down to the fact that there are often larger quantities present. Most commercial jobs require a site assessment prior to a quotation being issued.

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