Asbestos Removal

Midlands Asbestos Solutions has over 30 years’ experience of asbestos removal in the Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire area, as well as throughout the UK. We are fully licensed and qualified to remove and safely dispose of all types of asbestos containing materials including:

  • Asbestos Insulation Board (AIB)
  • Asbestos thermal insulation
  • Asbestos sprayed limpet and flock
  • Asbestos garages / sheds / out-buildings
  • Asbestos roof sheets
  • Asbestos cement sheets
  • Asbestos cement soffits, gutters, downpipes & hoppers
  • Asbestos cement flue’s
  • Asbestos floor tiles
  • Asbestos textured coatings (Artex)
  • Asbestos bitumen products. E.g. roof felts, DPC
  • Asbestos rope, rope insulation and yarns
  • Asbestos gaskets

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How do you remove Asbestos?

Asbestos is still common in many businesses and homes, and the only way to remove asbestos is safely and correctly. The cost to the average homeowner can depend on the size and the nature of the removal job.

If you’re unsure whether a material contains asbestos, or what to do about it, we can offer advice and deal with the removal of the Asbestos.

Where can Asbestos be found?

Before its dangers were known, in the UK asbestos was frequently used in buildings between the 1950’s and the mid-1980’s. In 1999 asbestos was banned in the UK, but it had been used in most aspects of construction. It is estimated that about 50% of UK buildings still contain Asbestos. It can be found in both commercial and domestic properties including:

  • Shops
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Oil refineries
  • Shipyards

The materials used were wide ranging and could include cement products such as:

  • Garage or shed roofs
  • Gutters and downpipes
  • Internal boarding such as ceilings, walls and service risers
  • Textiles in electrical installations
  • Boilers and pipework
  • Textured coatings and floor tiles (common in domestic properties)

How dangerous is Asbestos?

Annual deaths in Britain due to exposure to asbestos fibres increased steeply over the last 50 years. This is due to occupational asbestos exposures that occurred because of the widespread industrial use between 1950-1980.

Past asbestos exposure is the leading cause of deaths from occupational cancer today. The latest projections suggest that there will continue to be around 2,500 deaths per year for the rest of this current decade, before annual numbers begin to decline.

Generally speaking, asbestos can remain safely in a building and never cause harm, however, as soon as it’s disturbed it can become a serious health hazard.

Due to the associated risks, asbestos removal should be completed with the utmost care.

Asbestos removal must be conducted fully insured and trained professionals to ensure that its effect on the environment and local population are minimised, as exposure to asbestos fibres poses a serious risk to health.

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