Asbestos Removal, Buxton


We received an enquiry from a domestic client for asbestos removal who had recently purchased a property in Buxton, Derbyshire and the property had textured coatings attached to the ceiling in all rooms throughout the property (c. 120m2).

Midlands Asbestos Buxton Residence Case Study


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Types of Asbestos


The Brief

Textured coatings were widely used in the UK throughout the 70s and 80s with asbestos added to the coating to improve strength. Adding asbestos to textured coatings was banned in 1999 meaning that properties, commercial and domestic, built before 1999 with textured materials may have asbestos.

We initially went through the process of removal to gauge the best action and ensure that a suitable plan was in place to provide a complete service during the gap between occupancy.

Textured Coatings

What We Did

We provided a full, fixed price quotation for the removal of the asbestos coated ceilings throughout along with the reinstatement of the ceilings. We were able to provide a detailed description of how the works would be completed and that it was best for this to happen once the property was in the client’s possession but prior to them moving in. The client accepted the quote and planning began to ensure that the property was empty and electrics were isolated.

The property had textured wallpaper present to a lot of the walls and carpets on the floor. This meant that to ensure that no asbestos contamination spread during the removal of the textured coatings. We ensured that every area of the property was adequately sheeted to cover everything and eliminate any dust created during the works. The removal and reinstatement process was smooth and works were completed in 6 days.

Asbestos Removal, Buxton

The Results

As you can see by the images throughout this article, the work areas were completely sealed and once complete the area looked as good as new. Our client was over the moon with the results and had this to say;

Jamie was really approachable and clearly explained the process, including any potential hurdles and also things we needed to do in advance (such as isolating electrics and disconnecting gas fire). The works were carried out seamlessly, Midland Asbestos really knew what they were doing and it was a very safe and professional process. The house was immaculate after they had finished – it was as if they had never been! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Artex removal then enquire now. Our team is trained to the highest levels and offers a complete professional service. If you have any concerns about your property or want peace of mind, a complete asbestos survey can yield then contact us today. Our team is on hand to help you identify and safely remove materials you can continue to live and work in a safe environment.