Darren Skinner

Darren Skinner

Darren has been within the asbestos industry for over 20 years now starting at the bottom as an asbestos removal operative and working his way up to supervisor and then as a previous company director for 10 years. He decided to form his own business in 2010 and now runs Midlands Asbestos Solutions.

He started his career at 18 removing asbestos from power stations and shipyards (in Southampton and Germany). Darren also worked throughout the UK on various projects for both private and public sector companies including: Local authorities, housing associations, government bodies, demolition, blue chip companies, NHS, schools and universities. This has helped him gain a wealth of knowledge on a wide variety of projects.

He currently lives in Ilkeston with his Wife Zoe and their two wonderful children, Will & Fallan.

Darren’s hobbies are football (watching and playing when he gets the chance) and cooking.


What’s your dream car? Mercedes AMG GT

What’s your dream meal? I love a good hot curry and a relaxing Sunday roast with my family – probably one of those 2!

What would you do if you won the lottery? I’d buy a house in each continent

What’s your favourite pastime? I love golf, music festivals and real ales

What’s an unusual fact about yourself? I’m the best Go-Karter at the company as proved on a social outing!