February 24 2021

Midlands Asbestos Solutions Ltd (MAS) were commissioned by a local property development company to assist in the removal of various licensed and non-licensed asbestos materials in the unique former court building that sits proudly in the centre of Chesterfield. MAS was proud to be part of the asbestos removal project taking place.

Despite being a little run down we were excited to be a part of bringing such a unique building back to its former glory. The former Courthouse was being converted into a number of flats, however, with the building being Listed it was important to acknowledge that these works were carried out in a sympathetic way so as to ensure that the building retained its original uniqueness and glamour. 

The Brief

We commenced work on the court in November 2020 to remove various non-licensed asbestos materials such as putty to door seals, asbestos cement flue pipes and perform some encapsulation works on asbestos insulation board. Asbestos can be present in a wide range of construction materials and knowing exactly what to look for is half the battle. Check out how to spot the different types of asbestos.

Knightsbridge Court, Chesterfield Asbestos removal

These plans were submitted to allow construction works to commence safely prior to the large-scale removal which was to commence in January 2021. Once this had been completed all the relevant notifications were submitted to the health and safety executive and all relevant paperwork and planning was put in place to ensure the removal works were completed safely and in a timely manner. 

What We Did

The works consisted of the removal of AIB lining panels to the East and West elevations, this included the internal and external lining to the building. The AIB sat behind large slates and rosewood panelling and although the panelling was to be removed and disposed of the slates needed to be cleaned and retained for re-use as part of the buildings listed nature. 

Knightsbridge Court, Chesterfield asbestos insulation board

We constructed several large enclosures to encompass both the internal and external areas into a single enclosure to allow us to carry out the internal and external removal simultaneously. All 480 slate tiles (each weighing nearly 20kg each) were removed, cleaned and safely handed back to the client for re-use once the works had finished. Over 500m2 of asbestos insulation board was removed by MAS Ltd and a small amount that remained and could not be removed due to structural reasons was encapsulated fully and labelled to ensure that it was safe. 

The Results

The programme lasted 8 weeks and with up to 8 men on the site. We at MAS Ltd were able to perform quickly and safely to ensure that the building was safe to create some beautiful flats and apartments and we are excited to see how they turn out in the summer of 2021.  There were several surprises along the way, and we found some ACM’s that were unexpected during the partial internal demolition. 

Knightsbridge Court, Chesterfield asbestos insulation board

It is important to ensure that even having a refurbishment and demolition asbestos survey before any works are carried out so clients are fully aware of the challenges they may face in relation to asbestos and asbestos management. At MAS we are here to guide you through the process fully from start to finish and have the capabilities to ensure your asbestos management and removal requirements are met with ease. If you’re interested in finding out more or want us to complete a survey on your property please contact us today. We’re here to help you find and remove all dangerous asbestos products.

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