May 12 2020

House surveys are part of every house sale. Whether you’re buying a new build or a quaint country cottage, inspecting your property before you complete the deal is a must. House surveys vary in cost and detail with budget options covering the bare minimum while in-depth surveys look into the lifespan of walls, roofs and the like. Even with the most expensive house survey money can buy you’ll still be short the all-important asbestos survey. That’s where we come in. 

House Surveys: Barebones to comprehensive cover

So what is a house survey? A house survey is an inspection of a property’s condition. The surveyor identifies any problems to a prospective buyer. The process is usually broken down into an on-site survey followed by a report. 

A house survey is usually carried out by a house buyer on a property after their offer has been accepted. Not just anyone can survey a home, with two accredited bodies trusted to carry out the survey. Make sure you look for accreditation from RICS (the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) and Sava/RPSA (the Residential Property Surveyors Association). 

These two bodies work in different ways:

The RICS offers three different levels of survey. Level one is a Condition Report, level two is a Homebuyer Report, and level three is a Building Survey. 

RPSA and Sava offer a level two report similar to RICS but without the market valuation. 

What do these surveys cover?

The RICS three-level system offers different coverage at different price points. They can be understood as follows;

RICS levelCoverageType of HomeGuide Price*
Condition Report (Level 1)The condition of the property including risks, potential legal issues, and urgent defects.New builds and relatively new standard homes in good condition.£400-£950
Homebuyer Report (Level 2)All the coverage of Level 1 as well as defects that can affect the property and advice on maintenance. This service also includes a market valuation and estimate for a rebuild.Standard properties in a reasonable condition. This is also for homes that are slightly older. £450-£1,000
Building Survey (Level 3)This comprehensive survey looks into all of the steps of levels 1 and 2 and provides greater insight into repairs, maintenance and long-term risks. Older properties, larger homes, unusual homes, homes in poor condition, and large-scale renovation projects.£600-£1,500

*Price guide taken at the time of writing from Prices may vary and change. 

It’s not just the level of the report but also your house that will affect the cost of your house survey. Surveys of larger homes or homes in poor condition require more in-depth analysis, reporting, and time. As such you can expect the cost of a survey to go up with your property price.

Why do I need a house survey?

Buying a house has a long list of costs. Everything from solicitor fees to bank charges can make it seem like a survey is beyond the pale. However, a house survey can save you untold costs by making sure you are aware of any issues before they sneak up on you. 

Even with all that’s covered a house survey, there is still room for an external asbestos survey.

Asbestos surveys with Midlands Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is well-known as a potentially dangerous material that can harm your lungs when inhaled. Exposure to asbestos can result in mesothelioma, asbestosis and in some cases lung cancer. 

It was used extensively in construction in the past and can still be found in roofs, walls, insulation and countless other applications. If you are buying an older home or would just like to know for sure, then taking out a complete asbestos survey is a must. 

At Midlands Asbestos Solutions we offer a complete surveying service. We will send out an experienced asbestos surveyor to assess the condition and volume of any asbestos present in your building. We survey all areas within your property causing minimal damage to all surfaces. We take any required samples and have them analysed at a UKAS accredited lab to provide you with unequivocal proof of asbestos presence. 

Once analysed, we can suggest ways to remove the asbestos and provide a bespoke service that removes all traces of asbestos from your home. 

Moving into a new home is full of checks and surveys. Don’t miss out on one that could potentially affect you and your family’s health. Call us about our asbestos surveying services on 0115 932 6521 or contact us online now for a free quote.

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