Gillotts Funeral Care Asbestos Removal, Eastwood


Midlands Asbestos Solutions Ltd (MAS) initially started a working relationship with Gillotts back in April 2020 when the pandemic initially struck.

Like many businesses, especially ones with on-site visits, we were not working at the time due to the initial lockdown and we were very aware of the lack of PPE available for certain key workers, especially funeral care workers. At the time, we felt our efforts were best served helping supply front line workers with the PPE they needed to protect themselves and others. To this end, we donated over 500 pairs of overalls to various companies along with other PPE and RPE such as disposable masks.


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The Brief

After the initial lockdown, one of the companies we helped, Gillotts, needed assistance with their asbestos. They required an asbestos survey and some subsequent removal services and our great working relationship meant the first people they called were MAS.

Gillotts had acquired a building next door to their main offices in Eastwood which had floor tiles and bitumen adhesive present throughout. Although this is non-licensed material it can still pose a risk if not dealt with properly by a registered asbestos removal company such as MAS Ltd. We had years of experience as well as the relevant training, insurances and knowledge to complete the removal of the floor tiles, linoleum and bitumen adhesive that was adhered to them and the floor.

Gillotts Funeral Care Asbestos Removal, Eastwood

What We Did

We were given the building as it was unoccupied and we ensured that we were COVID safe by supplying a welfare unit for MAS Staff to use throughout the works. This enabled us to work through a difficult time with necessary safety for our staff against COVID-19 as well as dangerous asbestos fibres. This also allowed us to work without interfering with any of the funeral care workers.

We also supplied a skip on site that removed the need to take any waste directly to the waste transfer station. The floors were a mixture of timber and concrete and initially, we started with the timber floors. Our trained supervisors and operatives removed the lining sheet to the floor and took up the asbestos tiles and adhesive whole leaving a clean timber floor underneath.

We followed this by carefully removing the asbestos tiles and linoleum that were adhered to the concrete floor and then used specialist floor grinding equipment to ensure that we completely removed the bitumen adhesive to the floor. This involves removing the top 2mm – 3mm of concrete from the floor, thus removing all traces of bitumen adhesive.

Gillotts Funeral Care Asbestos Removal, Eastwood Tiles

The Results

We offered the full removal service and ensured that the concrete floor was free from dangerous adhesives. In Gillotts’ case, it made the building safe, ACM-free and ready to be redecorated and transformed into Gillotts exciting extended office space.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the process or want us to assist you with a survey or removal then contact us today. At Midlands Asbestos Solutions, we have spent decades identifying and safely removing hazardous asbestos materials and are on hand to help you with every step of the process.