September 24 2012

There are currently no regulations overseeing the management of asbestos in private dwellings, Duty of care would however apply to contractors carrying out work in your home. This doesn’t make the risks with asbestos any less significant or mean that it wasn’t used in domestic properties. It means that it’s up to you as a homeowner how you manage any suspected asbestos in your home.

Should we be concerned?

Whether in the home or workplace any asbestos containing materials can become cause for concern if they become damaged or deteriorate as the fibres can be released in to the air. Long exposure to asbestos fibres can cause long term damage and an increased risk of contracting an asbestos related disease.

Will we be exposed to asbestos?

The level of exposure to asbestos will depend on the condition of the asbestos in your home and the airborne asbestos fibres. If the asbestos containing materials are in good condition and are in areas where they are unlikely to get damaged then the risk of exposure is low. It is advisable however to take care when carrying out any works on your property and to avoid disturbing any materials you suspect may contain asbestos.

What do we do if we suspect we have asbestos in our home?

If you are unsure of any materials in your home, we recommend that you seek advice. If we can be of help then please contact us.