January 16 2013

It’s becoming more and more commonplace to have potential clients call the office advising the colour of asbestos that is detailed within their certificate of analysis or asbestos survey with many thinking that blue and brown asbestos are a massive cause for concern and that white asbestos isn’t really so dangerous.

Whilst we understand that knowledge of asbestos for many is limited to what information is available on the internet this misconception really does need further clarification because the colour of the asbestos really is irrelevant.

What we really want to shout from the rooftops is ‘IT’S NOT THE COLOUR OF THE ASBESTOS, IT’S THE MATERIAL THAT IT’S CONTAINED IN’.

We are aware that white asbestos is Chrysotile, blue asbestos is Crocidolite and brown asbestos is Amosite, but what information we need from you is ‘Is it a cement based product or an insulation board?’. This is information that should be provided by your Analyst or Surveyor, if they don’t provide you with that information then ASK!

The material the asbestos is contained in can make a huge cost difference when quoting for removal. Only companies with a licence can remove an insulation board. When removing an insulation board material which can be fragile, we are required to notify the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) at least 14-days prior to the removal starting, have a DCU (decontamination unit) on site, form an air tight enclosure using polythene and obtain an air clearance certificate prior to reoccupation of the area. These additional control measures extend the time of removal to that of a non-licensed material and therefore increase the costs.

So to make sure you are getting your best price, ensure you are in receipt of all the required information.

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