September 28 2012

Sarah and Amy were shocked when they made a visit to a domestic property today. The client required a bulk sample on some suspected asbestos insulation board. Another Newark based asbestos removal company had previously been to remove the asbestos cement that was external to the garage sized shed the customer had in their back garden which there children play in.

We at MAS Ltd are never ones to speak badly of our competitors and offer credit when credit is due, but this shoddy workmanship was a great example of a cheap price for a badly done job. There was a large piece of visible asbestos cement left on the front of the timber frame. The timber frame had been left on site and not been cleaned, the nails which had secured the asbestos cement to the timber frame had visible asbestos debris around them and had not been removed.

The company removed the asbestos from the shed at half of the actual cost of a reputable asbestos removal company- they did however only do half a job.

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