May 10 2016

Where you might find asbestos in your home - infographic

Where you might find asbestos in your home

Should you get your home checked?

Asbestos in your home is not necessarily a serious problem. However, asbestos materials may become damaged over time, leading to a potential health hazard.

How do I know if it’s asbestos?

Unless stated, it is very hard to tell whether a material contains asbestos or not. If in doubt, get it checked out by a qualified professional.

Living Room: Asbestos may have been used for insulation in wood heaters or as cement sheeting beneath heater hearths.

Bathroom: Asbestos may be found in cement sheeting used in ceilings, walls and floors, and on hot water pipes.

Kitchen: Used in vinyl floor tiles and hot water pipes set into masonry walls.

Garden: Asbestos may be found in garden sheds,  garages and carports.