August 11 2017

Two of our brave employees, Sarah Shelton and Jamie Gatley will be taking a leap from 13,500ft in support of Mesothelioma UK. The sponsored skydive will be taking place at Langar Airfield on the 11th of September 2017 and both Sarah and Jamie are jumping to raise awareness and money in order to support victims of asbestos-related cancers.

At Midlands Asbestos Solutions we often receive concerning calls from members of the public who are worried about asbestos and the damage it can cause. That’s why we’re taking yet another step to raise awareness about what asbestos-related diseases can do and the damage they can cause. Often people are oblivious to the effects of asbestos, and would rather leave asbestos fibres in their homes or premises without getting them checked by a specialist. We want to show people that it is serious, and with our expert support we can help to reduce the chances of you being diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease.

Jamie’s close friend Zoe lost her father to Mesothelioma, so the cause was one that’s particularly close to his heart. Zoe’s mother, Sheila Howard said “We lost a husband, dad and grandad to this terrible disease. I was so pleased to hear that a local company are doing something to stop this from happening to other people.”

Knowing people who have suffered from the effects of asbestos brings it home to us in our everyday jobs. We care about the work we do, often hosting asbestos awareness training and other support sessions for local businesses. Our Technical Manager Sarah Shelton who runs our asbestos awareness sessions said “A lot of people in this trade have relations or friends who have contracted and subsequently died of this disease” she said. “I feel it is important that we are supporting a charity with this connection. The opportunity to do a skydive is very exciting – as well as nerve racking at the same time!”

We’ve had nothing but support to give to our brave volunteers in preparation for the big event. Our strapping 6 ft 4 Jamie has been having more chicken salads than chicken selects, on a mission to lose a stone and reach the eligible skydiving weight. Sarah on the other hand can continue eating anything she likes, much to Jamie’s annoyance. Everyone in the Midlands Asbestos Solutions team are wishing you both the best of luck… Don’t slip!

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