February 23 2021

Midlands Asbestos Solutions Ltd (MAS) were contacted by Elan Removals in November 2020 to look at a disused building at a storage facility that was going to be demolished to create space for more storage units.

We were recommended by our friends at Castle Donnington based asbestos consultancy firm Fourstage Environmental. As industry leaders and passionate advocates of removing harmful asbestos we got right to the task and scheduled a fast and effective plan for Elan.

Elan Removals and Storage, Donisthorpe

The Brief

The client had identified that the 450m2 roof contained asbestos in the form of asbestos cement. The client also found that the surfaces within the building had become contaminated with asbestos dust because of the poor state of repair and the general condition of the sheets. This made the structure dangerous to human health and Elan sought our expertise in removing the damaged components. 

Elan Removals and Storage, Donisthorpe

MAS Ltd were asked to provide a quote to remove the asbestos materials in their entirety to allow for the safe demolition of the building. Following a site visit by Jamie Gatley, we assessed the scope of the works and built a competitive quote. We were then asked to carry out the asbestos removal once planning had been agreed with the local council. The planning was agreed in late 2020 and works commenced in early January 2021. 

Elan Removals and Storage, Donisthorpe

What We Did

With MAS Ltd long term supervisor Shaun Wooldridge supervising the project, staff quickly got to grips with the works required by clearing the floor area to prevent any spread of contamination on to tools and plant. 

The roof sheets were then carefully removed by cutting the high-level bolts and lowering the whole sheets into the basket of a scissor lift. They were then placed into a fully lined asbestos skip. Every sheet was carefully taken off with no breakages taking place. This is very important and a key way to ensure that there is no further contamination or risk to staff. 

With all staff wearing appropriate PPE and RPE throughout the works, we began works on the general surfaces and roof purlins. These were cleaned individually from top to bottom to remove any traces of asbestos cement dust and we were ablet o hand over the building back to the customer in just 4 days. 

The Results

The building was completely safe, and all asbestos had been removed including some additional sheets that were identified to the rear of the building, these were unused and presumably there originally for spares. The skip and scissor lift were off hired, and Shaun went through the completed works with the client. This is an important step to ensure customer satisfaction and answered any questions relating to the works. The client was thrilled with the completed project and MAS Ltd cleared the site so the client could proceed with their plans.

Elan Removals and Storage, Donisthorpe

At Midlands Asbestos Solutions we have spent decades identifying and safely removing hazardous asbestos materials. If you’re interested in finding out more about the process or want us to assist you with a survey or removal then contact us today. We pleased to have the opportunity to work with local businesses and look forward to helping you solve your asbestos concerns.

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