September 17 2019

After spending 12 months travelling Australia, our previous Office Manager has returned back to the UK to Midlands Asbestos Solutions.

Jay has rejoined the company after the sabbatical leave and has taken up a new, exciting position in the company as Business Development Manager, which involves overseeing all aspects of the business and dealing with new clients and progressing the company as a whole.

Today, we caught up with Jay to ask about his experiences:

“Travelling Australia for a year was fantastic, it took me out of my comfort zone which I was in and has taught me so much about the world, myself and other people. I’ve gained valuable life experience and also developed personal qualities which will be a great help for both myself and for Midlands Asbestos Solutions. To be given the opportunity by the company to have the 12 months break was fantastic and I’m extremely lucky and grateful for that, but now I’m back and ready to propel us in the future.”

“I was based in Sydney, New South Wales for the vast majority of the time there, mixed between living in a backpacker hostel for 6 months, and then moved into a house with a friend for the 2nd 6 months in Coogee (close to the world famous Bondi Beach). This was a world of difference from what I’m used to here in England and was fantastic, you don’t realise how lucky you are until you leave the place. You take walks home from work across the beach for granted!”

“I travelled all up the East Coast of Australia, visiting places such as Fraser Island, Whitsundays, Brisbane, Surfers Paradise, The Great Barrier Reef and Cairns. You meet so many people along the way and also so much wildlife, such as the 2nd most venomous snake in the world the Eastern Brown Snake!”

“Me and a group of friends I met out there, including English, Irish, German, Canadian and American took a 2 week holiday in Bali too, which made sense to visit whilst we were that side of the world! That was fantastic and we swum with giant sea turtles who were much bigger than me (and I’m 6ft!)”

“Christmas was probably the strangest thing about being over there, eating your Christmas dinner out in the sun shirtless and trying to cover for shade was very different, and then for a post-dinner activity going to the beach dressed as Santa to play beach volleyball!”

Back to work

Jay is now based back in the office permanently and is looking forward to continuing relationships with current clients and suppliers, and forging new relationships with others.

Should you wish to contact Jay, please call the office on 0115 932 6521 or send him an email on