May 10 2019

Here at Midlands Asbestos Solutions we strive to be amongst the elite players within our industry and we are constantly working hard to improve our systems, quality, service delivery and most importantly, our commitment to health and safety.

As a fully licensed asbestos removal contractor we are fully licensed by the Health and Safety Executive and as such we must go through the license renewal process. Asbestos removal licenses can be issued for any period up to a maximum of 3 years.

As stated on the HSE’s website, holding a licence incurs serious responsibilities, particularly at a senior management level. Applying for a licence to work with asbestos (or renewing a licence) requires:

  • thorough preparation
  • a commitment to continuous improvement
  • the demonstration of organisational and individual competence
  • an extensive knowledge of the industry
  • a willingness to be accountable for your company’s performance
  • the provision of evidence of effective health and safety management systems

Just prior to our previous license assessment in 2017 we made some forward-thinking changes to our internal systems as part of our commitment to the above points, we have since worked extremely hard to implement further positive change and continue to improve as a business and as reward for our efforts we are delighted to have been issued a 3-year license by the Health and Safety Executive’s Asbestos Licensing Unit.

We aim to use this 3-year license as an example to show off our credentials as an elite company who are committed to providing the excellent service which has given us the reputation we have today, both in the commercial and domestic sectors. We will be continuing, over the next 3 years, to work on our current systems and on any improvements we feel necessary.

We will continue to offer an elite quality service in Asbestos Removal, Surveys, Sampling and Training to both domestic and commercial clients at competitive prices for the next 3 years!

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