October 30 2020

Midlands Asbestos Solutions (MAS) are leaders in asbestos surveying, removal, encapsulation, waste removal, asbestos risk assessment, and testing among many other services. Working with asbestos requires strict adherence to safety and procedure. At MAS we are committed to identifying risks, deciding on a plan of action, implementing our action plan, and reviewing all work completed. 

The HSE has brief guidelines on what you should do before disturbing asbestos from competency to what you should do during a risk assessment. Here’s how we maintain safety, assess risk, and carry out all our asbestos removals. 

Risk assessment

Risk Assessments

MAS works in accordance with the Health and Safety at work act of 1974. This policy is to ensure; 

“in so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety while at work of all employees and contractors and the safety of un-authorised visitors and members of the public entering the site of Midlands Asbestos Solutions.” 

Midlands Asbestos Solution is committed to high standards of Health and Safety throughout and it is our policy to create a working environment that is, so far as is reasonably practicable, free from risks that could affect any persons.

The HSE details what is expected of asbestos removal sites before any action takes place. These include identifying risks and recording risks as well as reviewing the actions on site. 

As a homeowner or landowner, it’s important to make sure that you hire a service provider that has sufficient knowledge, training and expertise. This brings us on to an integral part of risk assessments.


MAS has several accreditations from trusted bodies proving that our highly-trained professional team carry out asbestos services safely and effectively. This includes certificates from the likes of Alcumus Safe Contractors, Intertek, ARCA, Constructionline, Safe Contractor, Acclaim Accreditation, and the Environment Agency. So whether you need a survey, removal, or testing, you can rest easy in the knowledge that MAS is as experienced as it gets.

Experience and Protocols

Experience is another contributing factor to our ongoing success and safety record. We have spent over three decades protecting family homes and businesses and reducing the threat of invisible asbestos threads. We operate in both public, private, and commercial sectors and see our projects through, from testing to removal, and site clearing. We are familiar with all types of asbestos and products from floor tiles and pipes to insulation and roofing.

We also offer asbestos reinstatement services to replace dangerous asbestos with safer alternatives to maintain the acoustics, fire resistance, and insulation properties you need.

We also offer comprehensive house surveys for asbestos. These are, surprisingly, not part of a regular house survey and need to be factored into any new home you want to move in to.

Our surveys and tests use cutting-edge technology. We send off all samples to be independently tested by lab analysts before suggesting a course of action. Our teams work tirelessly to maintain ventilation throughout the project, always wear PPE, and dispose of all materials and used PPE safely after the job is complete. For a more in-depth look at how we carry out our services please take a look at our case studies. We’re proud to have worked with local businesses, hospitals and homes and help them continue using their space safely for years to come. 

Call us about our asbestos surveying services on 0115 932 6521 or contact us online now for a free quote. We’ll get your building appraised and safe for your family, employees, or visitors for years to come. 


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