November 19 2012

Last week the MAS Ltd team have started on site at a 3 week project at a Leicester Hospital.

The project involves some licensed and non-licensed work prior to the demolition of a disused stable block and boiler house to make way for some additional much needed car parking spaces.

Prior to starting on site a full risk assessment was carried out to enable the plans of work to be drawn up for all aspects of the removal contract.

Before the removal work even began the flooded block had to be drained of potentially contaminated water and passed through a double filtration system and then into the foul drain.

We had an issue with the removal of the asbestos containing artex due to it being glossed making it extremely difficult to remove but got there in the end with perseverance and lots of elbow grease.

We will give you an update in a week or so with the progression of the project.