Jay Blake

Jay Blake

Jay joined Midlands Asbestos Solutions Ltd in May 2015 and is our Business Development Manager.

Jay’s role at Midlands Asbestos Solutions includes overseeing financial aspects of the business and dealing with both new and old clients.

Jay started out working for a major supermarket for a number of years after completing his A Levels in both Business & Sport. He progressed through the company there before wanting to embark on a completely new career path hence moving from retail to construction.

In his spare time, Jay part-runs a social enterprise charitable group who run 2 schools in The Gambia, West Africa. They fund the schools rent, teachers wages and complete maintenance works which without them wouldn’t happen. He travels to see the schools every year with a group of other people involved in the fantastic work they do.

Jay loves football (both playing and watching), socialising & travelling.


What’s your dream car? Bentley Continental in white

What’s your dream meal? All day breakfast and a treacle sponge and custard for dessert

What would you do if you won the lottery? Buy a mansion with room for 10 cars (and then buy the cars to fit in if I have anything left over!)

What’s your favourite pastime? Usually found watching football somewhere

What’s an unusual fact about yourself? I was the 11th quickest typer in the world at one point (True story!)