Asbestos Removal Sheffield

Asbestos Removal Sheffield

Midlands Asbestos Solutions Sheffield, provide a leading service for asbestos removal in Sheffield. Catering for all types of asbestos removal from asbestos roof removal and disposal to asbestos surveys and asbestos waste collection in Sheffield.

Midlands Asbestos Solutions in Sheffield are approved by HSE (Health and Safety Executive) to remove and dispose all types of asbestos including the following:

Asbestos Removal Case Study Sheffield…

An Insurance company that uses us to test and remove asbestos contacted us about a job in Sheffield. The job was to remove asbestos textured coating ceiling in a property where the bad weather had caused pipes to explode and flooded the property. After being analysed the results came back that asbestos was present. Not only had the ceiling been damaged but also the whole room had been contaminated.

We had to arrange for an environmental clean to be carried out once the ceiling was removed. The furniture that was in the room also had to be disposed of. However, some things were able to be cleaned and placed back, which the tenant was very happy about. We had to hire an analyst to carry out a reassurance air test to ensure that there were no harmful fibres still present in the room.

Asbestos Disposal Sheffield…

Midlands Asbestos Solutions Sheffield offer an asbestos disposal solution that gives you complete peace of mind.  Our Asbestos Collection Service in Sheffield is a cost effective solution to clients generating any amount of asbestos waste.  All our asbestos removal works in Sheffield are done in accordance with legislation with Section 62 consignment notes.

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