Asbestos Cement Products

Asbestos Cement Products

Asbestos cement is a product used widely in the past as a building material. It generally contains 10-15% asbestos fibres which are bound in portland cement or calcium silicate and the uncoated sheets can be identified as light grey in colour.

Banned in the UK in 1999, asbestos cement products are by far the most common use of asbestos.  Many houses, particularly those built between the 1940s and the mid 70s have asbestos cement garages and other asbestos products within and around the house.

Midlands Asbestos Cement

  • Commonly Found: Garages, Sheds, Industrial Units, Dutch Barns, Nissan Huts, Domestic & Commercial properties, Schools, Hospitals, Churches
  • Commonly Used for: Construction material, Corrugated roof sheets, Wall cladding (Corrugated & flat), Roof tiles, Soffits,  Rain water products (Guttering & down pipes), Soil & vent pipes,  Verge plates, Flues, Bath panels, Panels to airing cupboards, around gas & electric meters.

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